Sunday, 12 April 2015

Litter and dog fouling

As the park gets busier over the coming months, we can expect to find more litter and dog fouling. Most of the dog walkers in Mayow Park are very careful to pick up after them but not all. Our new park keeper is only in the park on two days a week and he does not yet know the 'grot spots' where litter accumulates, particularly where drinkers and smokers congregate. I hope that regular park users will help him out by letting him know of any specific dog mess and litter. After another week or two he should be more familiar with the park and better able to go straight to the problem areas.
Two of our dog walkers have offered to collect litter and dog mess as they walk round the park, which is very considerate of them. I would like to check with Glendale about health and safety implications plus provision of litter sticks, gloves and rubbish bags.
The following photos are not a pretty sight, showing litter and dog fouling which remained for several days.


Bird walk 12th April 2015

At 8am on a sunny Sunday 12th April 2015 eleven people gathered for a bird walk round Mayow Park. Our last bird walk in March was a cold and miserable day with few birds but today was much better,  good visibility and plenty of bird song to guide us. The trees are not yet in full leaf, making it easier to spot the birds. Many thanks to Paul Barrett for leading the walk.
Here is a list of birds we saw:
  • hedge sparrow/ dunnock (a pair) 
  • great spotted woodpecker on tree near tennis court)
  • parakeets
  • magpies
  • song thrush
  • wren (pair)
  • great tit
  • blue tits (particularly in and around the cherry tree in bloom by the rose beds near the Silverdale entrance)
  • long tail tits (pair)
  •  robins
  • starlings
  • wood pigeons
  • stock doves
  • chaffinch male (two in different places)
  • blackbirds (pair)
  • jay (pair)
  • crow
  • herring gulls (flying overhead)
  • mistle thrush
  • nuthatch (pair) in rockery area in front of bowls site
These photos show some of the trees where birds were present though the camera did not get to shoot them. The third photo shows  two parakeets at a hole where they are nesting.
we saw birds in these two oaks

Plenty of blue tits in this blossoming cherry tree near rose beds

Can you see the parakeets half way up the right hand trunk?

male chaffinch somewhere in this tree

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

equipment official opening 25th March 2015


Local councillors, Lewisham Greenscene officers and Glendale officers attended the official opening of the gym facilities in the park, which had been provided and installed by HAG-SMP.
Cllrs Best and Onikosi spoke about the value of this equipment as a way of developing personal health and how it would enhance the park experience. They thanked the officers who had been involved in bidding for funds and choosing the equipment and they cut the ribbon. Martin from HAG-SMP was on hand as was personal trainer Michael (in orange jacket). Michael was able to show people how to get the best from the equipment.

Park users also joined in and had a go on the equipment. As a reward they got a bottle of water and an energy bar

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Official opening Outdoor Gym 25th March 2015

Come along to this event and learn how to get the best use from the Mayow Park outdoor gym and trim trail.

Nature's Gym work session 14 March 2015

All busy working
Nature's Gym and Mayow Park volunteers had an enjoyable few hours working on the Triangle. Some younger volunteers came to help with seed-sowing, watched over by their parents. The edges of the beds were tidied up so that Glendale grounds staff would be able to strim the grass verges on their next visit.
Great team work    

When we finished, everything looked much better. The children will water their seeds and we look forward to seeing what grows.

Hedgerow trimmed

 Nature's Gym also added more woodchip to the paths and trimmed the hedgerow.
Thank you to Nature's Gym people

Thursday, 12 March 2015


There are some great volunteers helping out in our park. 
Some  have  been keen to help our gardening efforts in the Triangle beds. 
1. Our mini wildflower meadow has been planted and maintained by one mum with a young child. She started looking after the patch last summer and can only come to the park from time to time. 
It is disappointing that the wildflower area has also recently been trampled and we wait to see if all the lovely seedlings that were starting to grow will survive.

2. Last October another volunteer noticed that people were walking over the herb bed and trampling  plants so  he installed two very low hurdles using bamboo canes and sticks, in an effort to encourage people to stay on the paths.   The hurdles lasted from October 2014 to March 2015.One hurdle was broken a few weeks ago.  
one damaged cane hurdle

This week the second was completely removed by a person unknown. 
There was a hurdle here . . . but now it has gone!

Fortunately another volunteer replaced the missing hurdle and repaired the other. That part of the plant bed has been trampled a lot and plants find it difficult to grow there.
broken hurdle repaired with a stick and string

new hurdle in place
3. In January 2015 another regular park user offered to make small postcard-sized signs to explain to people that volunteers look after the beds. Some of these are now in place. 
one of the signs made by a volunteer
 Do please help to care for this area and help it to improve. Join us for our session with Nature's Gym this coming Saturday 14th March from 11am to 2pm

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lewisham Parks budget cuts

I have only a little information at present:
 In February, an open letter was handed to the Mayor of Lewisham from the Lewisham Parks Forum expressing deep concern at the proposed budget cuts to Lewisham's parks and the potential harmful effects of these cuts.

A few days later, some representatives from  Lewisham Parks Forum  met Council officers to discuss the current parks management contracts and find out  in more detail  the implications of budget cuts.

We then learned that Lewisham Mayor and Cabinet had listened to our concerns and reduced the cuts in parks management, but this is not a long-term security. I have no precise details yet.

 Even though closure of some smaller parks was considered, all parks and management services are retained this year. The Forum will be involved in future discussions as councils around the country are forced to make further savings under central government directives.