Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lewisham Parks budget cuts

I have only a little information at present:
 In February, an open letter was handed to the Mayor of Lewisham from the Lewisham Parks Forum expressing deep concern at the proposed budget cuts to Lewisham's parks and the potential harmful effects of these cuts.

A few days later, some representatives from  Lewisham Parks Forum  met Council officers to discuss the current parks management contracts and find out  in more detail  the implications of budget cuts.

We then learned that Lewisham Mayor and Cabinet had listened to our concerns and reduced the cuts in parks management, but this is not a long-term security. I have no precise details yet.

 Even though closure of some smaller parks was considered, all parks and management services are retained this year. The Forum will be involved in future discussions as councils around the country are forced to make further savings under central government directives.

Activities weekend 14th & 15th March 2015

The weekend of 14th & 15th March will see two events arranged with the friends of Mayow Park.

On 14th March Nature's Gym volunteers will work to tidy up the Triangle beds and lay more wood chip on paths.  Nature's Gym volunteers have helped us in Mayow Park over the past few years, originally planting bulbs around the Dawn Redwood tree. They also planted the now-established hedgerow along the wall of the bowls cabins in an effort to make that wall less visible.
Come along to say hello or help from 11am to 2pm. Meet near the cafe. Do wear suitable clothes and shoes for gardening work.

On 15th March we will have a bird walk around the park, led by a local amateur ornithologist. You may have heard the birds getting more chatty recently and seen some carrying nest-building materials in the beaks or a robin with a tasty worm. Learn more about the birds of the park.
Meet at 7.30am near the cafe. The walk will finish in time for breakfast at the cafe, should you wish,  and you can be home in plenty of time to celebrate Mother's Day.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Austerity measures will affect our park

By Alona
I've just posted this comment below on our Facebook group. I'll post more updates on this blog in the next few days.

Austerity measures imposed by central Government will impact on Lewisham's parks. Cuts in funds to local authorities will means cuts in funds to our parks. One example is that designated grass areas will be allowed to grow as meadow and have less frequent mowing. In Mayow Park we already have one meadow area. Another painful hit will be job losses, particularly park keepers. There are currently 12 park keepers but from April there will be only 6 if current plans are implemented. Our park keeper in Mayow Park is at risk of losing her job!

If there are six park keepers shared between twelve parks, the quality of the service they provide will be watered down. Glendale (manages the parks on behalf of Lewisham) has mobile teams and they will be visiting these parks regularly each day.
We should note that there are over thirty other parks in Lewisham without a park keeper and Glendale workers look after those too. But having a static park keeper  in Mayow Park on five days each week has been important to our very busy park. I wonder whether our role as park users and volunteers may change when six park keepers spend fewer hours in each of the 12 parks?
This is a difficult time for Lewisham Greenscene, for Glendale and for our park users.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Glendale looks after our park

By Alona
In late autumn, a team from Glendale came to spruce up the park. Every horizontal surface was covered in fallen leaves and, with winter approaching, these needed to be cleared. They came with blowers and other suitable tools. Unfortunately, it seems no-one took photos of  this tidy up but plenty of people commented positively about the work. The leaves were removed and taken elsewhere to rot down and to be turned into soil improver.
Men and mulch
 Today (16th February 2015) I went in to the park around 9am, camera in hand, determined to take photos of  things in the park. Plenty of birds were singing and I could hear woodpeckers hammering away but what caught my eye was three people in high-viz jackets near the Silverdale gate, alongside a pile of woodcip mulch.

This mulch came from shredded Christmas trees recycled in early January and was being used to mulch the rose beds.

onto the rose bed

path edging

   In addition, the plant bed edges and the path edges were being    tidied up.
 Mayow Park may not be perfect and some of the paths leave  much to be desired, but we are  fortunate that Glendale sends us grounds maintenance people who clearly know what they are doing.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Great news that the fitness equipment is ready for use. Many of the regular park users have commented to say how pleased they are.  To show how best to use the equipment, the manufacturers (HAGS-SMP)  have added signs. Thank you Lewisham and Glendale for adding these features to our park.
outdoor gym is located near Recreation Road entrance

woodland backdrop to outdoor gym

A sign explains how to use equipment

Part of the trim trail

Saturday, 31 January 2015

In memory of Fred from Glendale

At the Friends of Mayow Park meeting last Saturday 24th January, we took a moment to remember Fred from Glendale. For many years Fred was a familiar Glendale face at many of Lewisham's parks. He did much of the maintenance work in our park and was a good friend to the Friends. His most recent visible activity in Mayow Park was installing the plaque at the drinking water fountain on 29th October 2014. Fred passed away unexpectedly at the end of December. He will be greatly missed and our condolences go to his family.

Christmas Tree recycling January 2015

Mayow Park is one of the parks in the borough with a Christmas tree recycling point. Hundreds of trees have been brought her since Christmas. Sometimes Glendale take the trees away to shred elsewhere but a couple of times they came along to the park with their shredder. What a great job they did. These photos are from 5th January.
It was a noisy business but very productive. The fresh shreddings can be used for mulch on paths in parks and nature reserves. When they are rotted they can they be used on plant beds and round trees.