Saturday, 19 March 2011


There has been concern at the tree felling during the past week in Mayow Park. Word from Lewisham Greenscene is that the trees were diseased and needed to come down.
The Friends of Mayow Park will be talking to Greenscene about plans for future tree planting so that this park will still look magnificent into the next century.
We have asked that, in future when such works are undertaken,  park users are given advance warning so that they will be assured about  the purpose of the work. 
FOMP 19th March 2011


  1. So did they contact you about the tree in-between the tennis courts and bowls green?

    I was amazed to see a Woodpecker there a month or so back now I see they've cut down half the tree in the last week!

  2. Hi Ronski,
    They cut down one of the big limbs from the boundary oak last Friday 15th April. I only found out when the work was in progress and it would not have been safe to talk to the men. I presume the limb showed signs of disease but I would like to find out more and will ask again that we are told when such work is taking place and the reason for it.
    I hope the woodpecker was nesting in another tree!
    They left the big limb, sawn into smaller logs, on the grass. I hope this is so it can be used in the older children's space, which is currently being created.