Saturday, 9 April 2011

Team creates new community garden in Mayow Park

Thursday 7th April 2011, a warm and sunny day, and over 30 people came to work  on the Pavilion Triangle, a new public space within Mayow Park where there were previously rose bushes and a grassy area.

Teamwork has been a key feature of the project, from initial proposal to this latest phase.
Our thanks go to the volunteers from Nature’s Gym, Grow Mayow and Friends of Mayow Park, to Glendale, Greenscene and tree surgeons. Next Thursday 14th April we will plant fruit bushes and herbs.

How did it all start? Back in October 2010, at the 2-day Introduction to Permaculture Design course at Grow Mayow, a practical task was given to participants to design a space for park users with edible plants. The area is now called Pavilion Triangle.

After the course, Suriya and Ruth took on the challenge and drew fresh designs based on Permaculture principles, which were presented to Glendale Officers (who manage the park) and Lewisham Council’s GreenScene officers. One design was then revised further.

This design was discussed at the FOMP meeting in early March and unanimously approved. Nature’s Gym co-ordinators Jess and Lara offered 2 workdays in April with Nature’s Gym volunteers to get the project started. Grow Mayow volunteers arranged with tree surgeons to provide logs and woodchip.

The Pavilion Triangle is now registered as a Capital Growth Community Garden and FOMP was successful in applying for a grant to buy plants, timber and compost. So many people contributed time and energy to the project.

Photos of the day to follow.

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