Saturday, 27 August 2011

successful gardening sessions

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August saw 2 more gardening sessions in the Pavilion Triangle. Despite the heavy rain on Friday, three volunteers came to put in plants into the smaller bed (the herb zone). A nasturtium, a pea and some strawberry runners were put in and a bit of weeding took place.  Two volunteers came on Saturday and managed to avoid the rain! Weeding continued, with particular efforts round the edges of the bed, so now it is clear where the grass verge ends and the plant bed begins.

People who use Mayow Park are a friendly bunch. People strolling in the park will often stop and speak to the volunteers, to ask about the Triangle or comment on other parts of the park. Children ask interesting questions about plants they can see in the Triangle and often express their appreciation of the new older children’s ‘playscape’ on the northern side of the park.

 Adults say very complimentary things about different parts of the park. Grow Mayow’s garden in particular gets a lot of well-deserved praise. The Triangle generates interest and several new volunteers have been recruited by explaining this user-led initiative.   There are frequent  inquiries about plans for the Pavilion and a community cafe, which is something we hope will come to fruition as  follow-up to urgent renovation work of the building and creation of sports changing facilities.

Some visitors to the park during the school holidays are families hoping to move into the area who are checking out what is available locally.


These two photos show parts of the herb bed as they looked today, on an overcast and damp day.

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