Sunday, 29 January 2012

Orchard planting 28th January 2012

Mayow Park now has its very own community orchard, planted yesterday. What a memorable day! The London Orchard Project (LOP) brought the trees, stakes and tree guards. Lewis spoke to some of the children and explained what we were doing. Russell provided us with  brief training and a demonstration on how to plant the trees. Over the course of the day more than 40 people attended, including at least 10 children. Thank you to everyone who got involved including:- Iris at Grow Mayow; the Friends of Mayow Park committee members; activists from Crystal Palace and Peckham;Lynn, Jean and others  from Hazel Grove Estate, councillors, council officers and many other volunteers. Dolores, sorry I did not have much of an opportunity to speak to you but I hope you found the event enjoyable.
Many thanks to Lewisham Council parks department for supporting this project and Sydenham Community Radio or the publicity you have given to our event. London orchard Project will visit in a few months to see how our orchard is progressing.
Mehul, Thank you for the photos I've posted here. More photos will follow over time from various sources. The first photo shows Russell demonstrating how to surround a tree with mulch on a mulch mat. The second shows two members of TT Crystal Palace plus FOMP member Sue.

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