Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday 14th April gardening in Mayow Park

Session is 11am to 2pm. Come and join in the action!
We will work alongside Nature’s Gym (Lewisham’s nature conservation volunteers) on a number of activities in the park:
1] Planting a hedgerow including hazel, dog rose, elder and hawthorn along the north-western side of the park
2] Mulching the paths in the Triangle to ensure they remain weed-free
3] Removing weeds in the Triangle so the other plants can flourish
4] Watering the orchard and fruiting hedgerow.  
If you have suitable tools, please bring them. We would also welcome donated plastic 4litre/ 6 litre milk bottles (washed & with lids) for watering.Children are welcome to join in if accompanied by an adult.
Wood chip path now needs more mulch.This photo is from April 2011


  1. Hi

    What time if the session please?

    Im adding it to the Lewisham Gardens Calender too.

    1. Session from 11am to 2pm. I've now added it to the blog. Thanks for pointing out the omission.