Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Work session with Glendale 13th Sept 2012

We have previously had work sessions in Mayow Park alongside Nature's Gym and we are now planning to have a work session with Glendale. Our Community Orchard needs some time spent to remove weeds round the trees and put a fresh layer of well-rotted woodchip. Friends of Mayow Park are delighted that Glendale managers have agreed to provide some additional  help. It will be an great opportunity for grounds maintenance staff and park volunteers to care for the area together.

The session will be on Thursday 13th September from approximately 10am to midday. Glendale will, in fact, be there before that time and continue after. This will be a weekday and many of you will be unable to attend. However, it would be great if some of our volunteers can come along, lend a hand or simply show your support.

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  1. The work session did not happen as there was a last-minute glitch from Glendale. Glendale managers have offered to arrange a new date in October, either a Thursday or a friday.