Sunday, 30 September 2012

preparing the community orchard for winter

We will have a work session on Friday 12th October 2012 from 10am to midday, to prepare the community orchard for winter. We planted the orchard early this year and the trees have survived  drought and excessive rainfall since spring.
The damp weather has encouraged other plants (i.e. weeds) to encroach round the tree pits so we will be removing weeds both inside the netting and in the mulch outside the netting. After that we will put a thick layer of woodchip mulch around the tree pits.
It would be good to have a few energetic volunteers to make a big impact. In addition, Glendale managers have agreed that some of their staff will be in the park to assist us at the orchard. This gives us a unique opportunity to work together with Lewisham's park maintenance contractors.
If we  finish the work at the orchard, then there is autumn tidying up to be done at the Triangle too.
Do try to  join us for a short while or the whole session.
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