Sunday, 10 February 2013

FOMP AGM Tues 19 Feb 2013

The FOMP  Meeting which was due to take place on 19th January 2013 was postponed on the day because cold weather and icy pavements do not attract people to meetings.
The rescheduled FOMP Annual General Meeting  will be followed by a General Meeting and will  take place on Tuesday 19th February, staring at 7pm for a prompt finish at 8.30pm.
The AGM will be kept short.
The General Meeting will include discussions on the proposed Pavilion renovation, sports activities, the bowls club, the orchard and the Pavilion Triangle garden and thoughts for future activities.

Are there events you would like to see in the park?
Would you be interested in organising a community event?
This year also sees the 20th anniversary of the Friends group, which began life in 1993 as Mayow Park Users Group.


  1. How to make a proposal to run the cafe in the Pavilion?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and fairly new to the area (2 years in De Frene Road)

    I've just spent an unfruitful 20 minutes getting lost and hung-up-on in the Lewisham council switchboard... to no avail...

    So just wondering if anyone has any information on how one would go about putting in a proposal to run the cafe in the Mayow park Pavilion?

    Not for myself but for the owners of Canvas and Cream in Forest Hill, who are friends of mine and were interested when I mentioned the opportunity to them...

    But no dice if we can't make it easy for them to get a proposal in...

    Also was at Jill, the SEE3 community Hub, last night for the 'History of Shops on the High street' talk and managed to plant the idea with the owner of 'On the Hoof' cafe too... so hopefully one of those two will be successful in their bid...

    Great things for Mayow Park!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Simon :)

  2. Hi Simon, welcome to FOMP. I believe that Tim has responded to your questions already.
    A date for your diary - the next FOMP general meeting will be Tuesday 30th April, 7pm to 8.30pm. We hold meetings at the Field Centre, Dacres Wood Nature Reserve.
    I will leave it to Tim to provide a precise Google map showing the location.
    More information and agenda for the meeting next week (I hope).
    I aim to ensure the meetings finish at 8.30pm for people like me who have to get up very early the following day for work. I recommend that if people want to talk at greater length about issues, then they can continue either through this Blog or via the FOMP Facebook page.