Saturday, 30 March 2013

Gardening on 30th March 2013

A bit of a miserable Easter weekend with snow and hail and very cold but work was needed on the Triangle to sort out the path and remove weeds round plants.
Some of the logs marking the path boundary have disappeared in the past fortnight which is very sad. Do people who take them realise the logs were put in by volunteers giving up their own time? Something needed to be done to keep the path visible, so a small log from home and a few lengths of salvaged planks came to the rescue. They have  filled some, but not all, of the gaps and the planks are less attractive than logs but they serve a purpose, until such time as we get replacement logs.
In the larger plant bed, all the fruit plants were weeded and well-rotted wood chip placed round them. Some of our park users have already added  salad leaves round one of the fruit trees (see picture) , but they could only be seen when the unwanted plants were removed. Thank you to the unknown people who did this planting.
In the herb bed, some dandelions were removed and garlic chives were sown. This growing season we plan to have beans and brassicas growing among the herbs as well as callaloo. The callaloo did not do too well last year so hopefully they will be taller and stronger this year.
If you have any thoughts about what to grow in the herb bed this year, or if you have plants and seeds to spare which you think could grow in the Triangle, do get in touch.

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