Sunday, 30 June 2013

Orchard watering volunteers June2013

The last posting on this blog was 24th May so it is about time for a new post.
The orchard trees are really looking well since the new arrangements for watering have been in place. There are 8 orchard volunteers; seven have one tree each to water and the remaining four trees are watered by the 8th volunteer.
This year and next, from around March to September/ October, each tree has 20 litres of water a week. Each volunteer has found a watering time and routine that suits them. Thank you to all the volunteers and their hard work.
One of the trees has been afflicted by aphids which have made the leaves curl and turn brown, so I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies and particularly their larvae. The larvae of all of these look more threatening than the adults! These photos came from the internet.
ladybird larva

Lacewing larva
hoverfly larva

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