Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Volunteers in Mayow Park

Mayow Park volunteers work in the main park, at two locations, the orchard and the two food-growing beds. We find it difficult to find time to work together on the site but are a motivated group. During October we were intending to use our well-rotted mulch, located by the rockery at the far corner of our area, round the fruit bushes and the orchard.
Our plans have now been ruined.
I was dismayed today, 1st October 2013,  to see that ALL our well-rotted woodchip in the corner by the rockery has been taken. No-one asked us.  I am sure the park-keeper was not asked either as he knew what it was intended for.
It has been a hard year for us: 

  • Some people, without asking any of the volunteer group,  planted trees in the herb bed (willow and ash), which had to be removed; 
  • Many of our logs that mark the woodchip path through the grass area were taken. Luckily, thanks to Glendale and Nature's Gym, we were able to get more.
  • Now the mulch has been taken, but we cannot get any more!
It would  be appreciated if the people who took all the mulch would own up to it.

If anyone has a realistic suggestion to get more (free) mulch I would be grateful. If not, then the people who took it all should offer to volunteer to provide fresh mulch for the orchard trees.
With our work as volunteers being undermined so often, we have to ask ourselves whether we should carry on doing this work.

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