Sunday, 26 October 2014

time to prepare fruit trees and canes for winter

It has been a great autumn and the time has come to prepare the Triangle garden beds for winter. over the  past few weeks a few volunteers have dropped by and weeded out some of the overgrown plants, pulled up strings and strings of bind weed, created a low fence to protect the bed at the apex of the Triangle and given some TLC to the wild flower mini meadow. Thank you to those volunteers.
On our list of things to do in the Triangle next are:
Cut  the raspberry canes down to ground level and give a good layer of mulch covering
Weed around the apple tree, plum tree , blackberry and currant bushes and give them a blanket of mulch
More weeding around other shrubs
Plant more hedgerow whips

Moving on to the orchard our tasks are:
Cut down three more of the guards
Remove weeds inside the guards and otuside
Prune each tree to keep their shape
Put a good layer of mulch round each tree

A list of dates for all these activities will be prepared.
Our first date is Friday 31st October from 11am to midday and possibly longer if enough people are available. Bring a trowel or hoe and gardening gloves if you have them.  The Friends group will also bring a few tools.
If anyone is interested in helping with these tasks, do contact us on

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