Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lewisham Parks budget cuts

I have only a little information at present:
 In February, an open letter was handed to the Mayor of Lewisham from the Lewisham Parks Forum expressing deep concern at the proposed budget cuts to Lewisham's parks and the potential harmful effects of these cuts.

A few days later, some representatives from  Lewisham Parks Forum  met Council officers to discuss the current parks management contracts and find out  in more detail  the implications of budget cuts.

We then learned that Lewisham Mayor and Cabinet had listened to our concerns and reduced the cuts in parks management, but this is not a long-term security. I have no precise details yet.

 Even though closure of some smaller parks was considered, all parks and management services are retained this year. The Forum will be involved in future discussions as councils around the country are forced to make further savings under central government directives.

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