Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bird walk 12th April 2015

At 8am on a sunny Sunday 12th April 2015 eleven people gathered for a bird walk round Mayow Park. Our last bird walk in March was a cold and miserable day with few birds but today was much better,  good visibility and plenty of bird song to guide us. The trees are not yet in full leaf, making it easier to spot the birds. Many thanks to Paul Barrett for leading the walk.
Here is a list of birds we saw:
  • hedge sparrow/ dunnock (a pair) 
  • great spotted woodpecker on tree near tennis court)
  • parakeets
  • magpies
  • song thrush
  • wren (pair)
  • great tit
  • blue tits (particularly in and around the cherry tree in bloom by the rose beds near the Silverdale entrance)
  • long tail tits (pair)
  •  robins
  • starlings
  • wood pigeons
  • stock doves
  • chaffinch male (two in different places)
  • blackbirds (pair)
  • jay (pair)
  • crow
  • herring gulls (flying overhead)
  • mistle thrush
  • nuthatch (pair) in rockery area in front of bowls site
These photos show some of the trees where birds were present though the camera did not get to shoot them. The third photo shows  two parakeets at a hole where they are nesting.
we saw birds in these two oaks

Plenty of blue tits in this blossoming cherry tree near rose beds

Can you see the parakeets half way up the right hand trunk?

male chaffinch somewhere in this tree

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