Saturday, 20 June 2015

Nature's Gym at the Triangle 18th June 2015

Fifteen people from Nature's Gym came to work alongside friends of Mayow Park to tidy up the Triangle beds. Although it was a very hot day everyone worked hard. The herb bed was the major focus:
-bindweed had wound round most of the plants,
-the alpine strawberries needed thinning,
-the tall cardoon had lower leaves that needed removing
- mint had spread onto the woodchip path
-the bed edge had 'disappeared' under plants
- the wild roses needed to be tamed
Sophie tackles the bindweed
 A sign made by one of the park users a few months ago was discovered under the overgrowth:
sign made for FOMP by a park user 

And poppies sown by another park user could be appreciated as they were coming in to flower:

Jess near the poppies starting to flower
The fruit bed was a bit of a jungle and grass was removed from around the base of raspberries and currants, the apple tree and the plum tree to give them space. The raspberries were thinned as they were rather squashed together and we look forward to tasting this year's crop.

Apple tree hidden in the grass

volunteers stop to chat about what to do next
If you visit now, the apple tree should be much more visible.
The bug hotel in the woods towards the orchard got a bit of attention as two more pallets were added to provide plenty of hiding places for the local invertebrates.
Rita, the park keeper, joined us for a short while after she had been round the park emptying bins and collecting litter. She cleared the thistles and stinging nettles in the mini wild flower meadow. The daisies and nigella in that space are now in flower and were planted there by another of our regular park users.

We are looking for park users who would be willing to volunteer some of their time once a month to help maintain the Triangle. No gardening knowledge is needed as this work would take place on workdays and a few of us could show you what to do. If you or someone you know is interested in helping, do send us an email.

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