Thursday, 14 April 2016

Turning a fallen tree into seating

If you stroll through Mayow Park, along the northern path near the older children's play area, you will find two logs that were originally park trees. One has been in place as seating for some months, but now there is a new one. A tree which fell due to Storm Katie has now become an additional seating space or a play space for little children.
The tree, not long after it fell. Older children's play area in background
And the photo below clearly shows what a sorry state it was in:
The limbs were shattered by the impact as the tree fell to the ground
But careful surgery has turned the broken tree into this log:

A new seating log - a positive outcome after storm damage
Glendale teams manage the park on behalf of Lewisham. They acted swiftly when they were made aware of the fallen tree. There is another log nearby, just visible in the top left hand of this photo.

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