Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Most of our regular park users will be delighted to see that work has started to resurface the worst sections of path in Mayow Park. The last major work on sections of path was completed in July 2011; it went from the Recreation Road entrance and the holm oak (the climbing tree)  along past the children's playground and then stopped. It included wooden boards for neat path edging and was very much appreciated. The path was now safer for toddlers and young children learning to ride their bikes.
That was only a fraction of the remedial path work identified but it was very costly. Officers from Lewisham Greenscene had worked hard to find sufficient funds while Glendale discussed with Friends of Mayow Park what was proposed and which stretch of path. Glendale officers organised the works and supervised contractors.  We knew it would be a long time before we would see works to other stretches of path. So this week brought good news when contractors and their vehicles arrived to start work on the path going east from the children's playground.  Other stretches of path will also be resurfaced - look out for the yellow marks at the worst locations.  But there is not enough funding to do the whole park.
Clear signage for park usres

contractor vehicles at the ready

Path edging timber clearly visible on the left of the path

Close-up of path timber edging

Clear view of  curving timber edging board showing path outline

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