Saturday, 5 May 2018

A tree for Hilary 4th May 2018

Many locals who have lived in Sydenham for a while will remember Dr Graver with fondness (also known as Mrs Hilary Jarrett). She was highly respected in the community.
She was a very active Friend of Mayow Park. She had been treasurer and Chair of the group, a great advocate of the park in the local community and with Lewisham Council.
Among her MANY achievements she
- helped to start our annual Tree Dressing tradition (held on the first weekend in December),
- was involved in planting a larch and a gingko tree,
-  organised the 125 year celebrations for Mayow Park with her husband John and other volunteers,
- worked tirelessly to get a modern drinking water fountain installed,
- helped to create the fruit and herb triangle beds in front of the cafe,
- contributed a tree to the orchard: Lane's Prince Albert cooking apple.

Hilary died in 2016 and has been very much missed by the Friends group.
Her family planted a commemorative tree on 4th May 2018 and installed a plaque in her memory. The tree, a larch, is located between the orchard and the Recreation Road entrance.
Many thanks to Lewisham Greenscene and to Glendale for supporting this planting and agreeing the location for this tree.
I would like to thank her family for this lovely addition to the park.

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