Monday, 28 January 2019

damaged or dangerous trees

Sometimes large branches on the trees in the park break off and fall on the ground. This can happen unexpectedly, in particular with our veteran oaks and other older trees.  Sometimes a branch breaks but stays hanging awkwardly on the tree.
Lewisham Council is responsible for trees in its public parks, nature reserves, on pavements and roadside verges, in other green spaces that are maintained by Lewisham Council and trees on housing estates managed by Lewisham Homes.

Lewisham Council is not responsible for trees in private gardens, private roads or on red routes. For red routes report to Transport for London.

We've found out how to report a dangerous tree limb: Go to the Lewisham  website  below and you will be guided on how to report a problem with a tree in a public space.   <>

If you are reporting about a tree in Mayow Park you will need to include the address and postcode:
Mayow Park, Mayow Road SE26 4SS

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