Friday, 24 June 2011

path resurfacing has started

At the recent FOMP meeting on 14th June, the Friends were assured by Glendale and Greenscene that major path resurfacing along the western side of the park would happen soon. It would start after the official opening of the older children’s play space (which took place on 16th June). And this week we saw the work start. There will be a full resurface to the path from the Recreation Road entrance to just beyond the children’s playground and picnic area.
Further work is proposed along a short section of the NW path near the pavilion in the not too distant future.

FOMP are looking for wealthy philanthropists with several hundred thousand pounds to spare so that more sections of path can be fully restored. If you know any such benefactors, please send them our way.  
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  1. New Notice boards appeard in Mayow Park!
    If the council wanted to spend money on these notice boards which probably cost a lot,
    Why not ask the community garden if we like a notice board or one or one about stag beetles , birds or bees?

    Now there are 2 large notice boards at the main entrance with each a map. I mean Hampton Court doesn't even has that!
    It takes about 5 minutes to walk from one end to the other. Has anyone ever got lost in Mayow Park?

    A notice board with abit of history is nice but why not have some more history or about the trees and birds but not with a map that size!