Sunday, 5 June 2011

Planting in the Pavilion Triangle beds

Friday 3rd June 1.30pm: A team of volunteers continued the planting and watering of the Triangle beds. The artichokes are beginning to grow again after their transfer from Grow Mayow to their new home in the smaller bed of the Triangle. The fennel plants are growing in a block and should provide a hazy display as they grow. Calendula plants were added in the smaller bed and should produce beautiful orange flower heads quite soon. The parsley has grown to give a gorgeous green bundle of leaves. More pansies were planted to plug the gaps along the edge of the bigger bed. More lavendar and sage plants were added in the bigger bed. Several callaloo were planted into the smaller bed. A map indicating the different plantings is being prepared and will go into the noticeboard when it is ready.

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