Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Mayow Park has been awarded a Green Flag. A green flag will be installed, probably near one of the entrances to the west of the park, so please look out for it.
What does this mean? There are 8 key criteria that judges look at when assessing a park for this prestigious status:
1. A welcoming place
2. Healthy, safe and secure
3. Clean and well maintained
4. Sustainability
5. Conservation and heritage
6. Community involvement
7. Marketing
8. Management

Info copied from Horticulture Week  
Monday, 25 July 2011
Today, 1,288 parks and green spaces throughout the UK will receive the Green Flag Award or Community Award. The record number of sites will be raising their flags throughout Love Parks Week, which runs from 23-31 July. A full listing of Green Flag 2011 winners will be published on Friday in Horticulture Week.

Communities and Local Government Minister Andrew Stunell said:
"This year, a record of number of parks and green spaces across the country have been awarded a Green Flag – a testament to all the hard work that local authorities and communities put in to maintaining them. The announcement of this year’s winners also acts as a timely reminder to communities everywhere that there are hundreds of top-quality parks out there to enjoy.

‘Given the important role parks and green spaces play in all our lives, I would like to thank all this year’s volunteer judges for their efforts. I share the joy of communities that, through the scheme, see their local areas flourish."

Green Flag Plus Partnership chairman Phil Barton said: "The importance of good-quality green spaces cannot be overestimated. They are central to the growth of our communities, both socially and economically.

"The Green Flag Award Scheme, and its growth, is essential in driving up the standards of our parks and green spaces. Access to quality green space is something we all desire and the scheme plays a key role in providing it.

"In these challenging financial times it is heartening that the number of Green Flag and Community Awards continues to grow. As the value of green space and the role it plays in our communities strengthens, we must ensure these high standards remain."


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