Sunday, 10 July 2011

PAVILION TRIANGLE gardening sessions

There are 3 gardening sessions at the Pavilion Triangle this month. We will be hand weeding to remove the couch grass and other 'weeds' from around the intentional plantings in the bigger bed. This continues the work  done by individual volunteers during June who stepped in to limit the rapid spread of weeds  following much needed rain. If time allows we will also work on the woodchip path.
Here are the dates:
Friday 22nd July  2pm to 4pm
Friday 29th July  1pm to 3pm
Saturday 30th July  1pm to 3pm.
If you have the following, please bring: gardening gloves, a kneeling mat, a hoe and/ or trowel if you have these tools.
More dates are planned during August

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