Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cricket activities in Mayow Park.

FOMP received an email with  the following information from one of the members of our home Cricket Clubs:

CRICKET TASKFORCE - Sat 29th March and Sat 5th April
A Taskforce of volunteer Players from Caribbean Mix CC (CMCC), London West Indies Mix CC (LWIMCC) and Streatham Marlborough CC (SMCC) started work  on Saturday 29th March 2014 to maintain and improve the area of the cricket square and immediate surrounding grass land. Today they were clearing up winter debris and spreading fertiliser. Other tasks will include re-seeding the outfield area in readiness for the new season and trimming some low overhanging branches of nearby trees. The season will start on Sat 26th April CMCC vs BOW GREEN 1.30pm Start.
This volunteer taskforce activity around the cricket square is under the supervision of Paul Harper and Luke, from Glendale Services. This morning Luke was training them He is pleased that the cricket clubs are taking an active role in maintaining the space.
Both Clubs play Kent Regional Cricket League (KRCL)  - METRO 1 Division, as part of the ‘Regeneration of Cricket’ by Lewisham Council in Mayow Park, under direction from Martin Hyde of Lewisham Greenscene.

The Friends of Mayow Park (FOMP) have been kept informed relating to cricket facilities. The cricketers  have a proposal, agreed with Greenscene, for a storage container behind the newly restored Pavilion, housing two heavy rollers which will enable weekly rolling and necessary maintenance of the cricket square.
England Cricket Board (ECB) has made an investment of £50,000 relaying the cricket Square for the development of cricket in Lewisham, with a further investment at Hilly Fields.

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  1. Lancashire need just two wickets to complete a heavy innings victory, but many of Northamptonshire's batsmen fought as hard as they were able on the third day.