Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cricket fixtures 2014 in Mayow Park

Here is a list of fixtures, including Cricket Week which will take place 31st August to 5th September 2014, the last week of the school holidays.

Fixtures:  ‘CRICKET AT MAYOW’ 2014
1)         KRCL Home Fixtures in the following competitions – see heavy type below:
Kent Cricket League, Caribbean CUP Competition,
 2)         Friendly Home fixtures:
HERTS, SUSSEX Senior County XI’s
COMMUNITY XI’s from cricketing nations:
India, Pakistan, Asian, British Tamil Society, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, South Africa
APRIL Sat 26      CM - F            Bow Green                              
        Sun 27     CM - F            Oakfield Warriors-INDIA              
       Wed 30     LWIM-F          Sussex50/60/70+                    
MAY  Tues 13 CM – F           HERTS Seniors: to be played at Streatham Marlborough
Sat 17  CM                 OD CUACO              
          Sat 24    CM                 BOCA Sports                               
         Sun 25    LWIM            SIMBA Caribbean CUP                               
JUNE Sat 7    CM                 HSBC
         Sun 15    LWIM            STARLIGHT – Caribbean CUP                                                
         Sun 22    CM - F            Clapham Nomads                                      
        Sat 28      CM                 STREATHAM MARLBOROUGH
JULY Tues 1   LWI - F           SESCL Asia - tbc                                                       
         Sat 12     CM                 DULWICH                            
         Sun 27    LWIM             Pakistan XI                             
AUG Sat 2      CM                 ORPINGTON                                               
         Sun 3      CM - F            India XI - Dartford                                         
         Sun 10    CM - F            Billericay                                 
         Fri 15      LWI - F           NOMADS-Tony Leslie Mem.             
         Sat 16     CM                 HAYES                                  
         Sat 23     CM                 BLUE STAR                                                 
         Sat 30     CM                 STREATHAM MARLBOROUGH


AUGUST     Sun 31     CM - F            Caribbean Ladies XI               
SEPT Mon 1   LWIM             TBA                            
          Tues 2    CM - F            MAYOW CUP MAYOR'S ‘Invitation’ XI's from:
                                                Lewisham, Bromley, Bexley & Greenwich
                                                Residents Open Day
         Thur 4     CM - F            Selsdon                                   
         Fri  5       CM - F            330 Academy 'Irratics' 

          Sat  6      CM - F            BLACKHEATH SELECT           

         Sun  7     LWI - F           East Essex Stallions     
         Sun 21    CM - F            Hawks
         Sat 27     LWI - F           SRI LANKA XI-KREEDA           
         Sun 28    CM - F            Morden           


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