Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Bat Walk 2nd April 2016

We don't know if there are bats in Mayow Park but the old oaks have plenty of potential bat roosts. Join us to find out. Do let us know if you hope to be there; it will  help the walk leader manage the sharing out of bat monitoring equipment.


  1. I missed this walk but I am curious as to what species we might have found. I live just down the road in Gaynesford Road and we have seen a bat two nights running, -flitting between the trees and houses. Too tiny and too fast to photogrsoh. Wondering why only one bat and where it might be roosting.

  2. We did not find any bats on this walk as it was raining. However, there was a good turnout of around 50 people and the walk leader has offered to lead another walk in September.