Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Planting in Mayow community orchard 5th March 2016

Come along to the Mayow Park orchard, opposite the tennis courts, on Saturday 5th March 2016.
The Friends of Mayow Park will be working alongside the Urban Orchard project to add six more fruit trees to the orchard planted in January 2012. This will bring the total number of fruit trees to seventeen. Over the next decade these trees will mature and provide a great orchard for the community to enjoy

We are looking for individuals and families to adopt and care for each of the new trees, particularly during the spring and summer. No experience is necessary as we can show you what to do. Key maintenance activities include watering regularly, weeding and mulching  and children enjoy lending a hand with these tasks. And of course there is the bonus of fresh fruit!
Here are some reasons for having an orchard in our park:

  • Trees help with carbon reduction by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the orchard trees will be in the park for many years
  • Providing additional fruit trees in the park will help nature conservation, particularly as the orchard matures
  • Through our work sessions open to park users, the community will be able to learn skills for managing fruit trees including pruning, mulching and checking tree health


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