Sunday, 16 April 2017


The evening was perfect for a bat walk; mild with only a gentle breeze and plenty of flying insects in the moonlit dusk. Friends of Mayow Park had arranged another visit by bat expert Dr Iain Boulton to lead this popular event.
Tree silhouette against moonlit sky
Photo: V Hero
The date was 31st March 2017, with a bright new moon, a clear sky and trees silhouetted against distant lights. In urban London  it never gets completely dark at night.  Around 70 people (including 17 children) gathered in Mayow Park hoping to see and hear bats.

Iain (out of sight) gives brief intro to bats
photo:V Hero
Dr Iain Boulton ( he answers to Iain) explained some facts about bats and how they use eco-location to locate and catch their prey. He brought along his bat detectors and explained how to use them before leading us along the path from the cafe to Recreation Road.
Heading off to find bats
Photo: V Hero
Children shone their torches or held the bat detectors pointing towards the tree tops. The park looked like a fairy-tale land, very magical. We saw very few bats and those we saw or heard were near the Recreation Road gate. 
It is quite early in the season so we can all keep an eye out at dust in the park over the coming months to see bats.
Iain has offered to lead another walk in September when we may see more of these wonderful flying mammals.

Next time we could try a circular route round the park as there are wooded areas right round the park including behind the trim trail and older children's space.

End of walk and about to leave the park
Photo: V Hero

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