Monday, 17 April 2017


This post follows on from the previous one. While the minibeast mansion was being rebuilt, other Nature's Gym volunteers chose to work in the wooded area close to the cafe gate, a space which is normally locked for safety and wildlife conservation.
The last time any nature conservation work took place there was at least seven years ago. Volunteers  at that time had built a stag beetle loggery within the space. With the passing of time ivy and self-sown tree saplings had grown up without check until it was impossible to see into this area. Nature can look after itself but nature conservation activities give it a helping hand by maintaining some areas to encourage specific wildlife.
Our volunteers now had to cut away a lot of undergrowth just to enter through the gate, but the stag beetle loggery was still there.

Stag beetle loggery after undergrowth was thinned
They cut back some of the growth and created areas of dappled light, where some sunlight could shine onto the woodland floor and allow shade-loving plants to grow. All the vegetation that had been cut back was piled into a corner to create another wildlife habitat.

Three  of volunteers (see one at the back)
 Our volunteers clearly  enjoyed the challenge to make a difference to our wildlife.  And what a joy - a robin came to visit. If you look at the photo below carefully you may just be able to spot the little visitor.
Can you spot the camouflaged robin?

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