Friday, 24 June 2011


The couch grass in the larger bed at the Pavilion Triangle has benefitted from the rain! It is gradually being removed by conscientious volunteers, digging up these invasive plants carefully with a trowel to avoid damaging the other plants. Any new volunteers care to lend a hand?
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path resurfacing has started

At the recent FOMP meeting on 14th June, the Friends were assured by Glendale and Greenscene that major path resurfacing along the western side of the park would happen soon. It would start after the official opening of the older children’s play space (which took place on 16th June). And this week we saw the work start. There will be a full resurface to the path from the Recreation Road entrance to just beyond the children’s playground and picnic area.
Further work is proposed along a short section of the NW path near the pavilion in the not too distant future.

FOMP are looking for wealthy philanthropists with several hundred thousand pounds to spare so that more sections of path can be fully restored. If you know any such benefactors, please send them our way.  
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Friday, 17 June 2011

New play space in Mayow Park: The opening event on 16th June 2011

Councillor Susan Wise cuts the ribbon and everyone cheers

The zip wire and table tennis are very popular

Celebrating the new play space: the equipment

Thomas from Groundwork  displays the play space logo

logo on other equipment
The woodland walk

Older children’s play space official opening: Thursday 16th June2011

The work on the older children's playspace started at the end of March 2011 (see photo) with earth digging equipment.
Now, mid-June, the Friends of Mayow Park are really delighted at the completion of the new play space and that a bit of woodland has been incorporated into the final design. More woodland could be included at a later date.

   Thank you to everyone involved:
·         Lewisham Greenscene who supported the idea and the Playbuilder funding application
·         Groundwork for designing the space and managing the whole project
·         All the young people we consulted during 2009
·         Glendale for constructing the space so carefully
·         Local young people (and adults) who have waited for it to be finished

Above all, we hope that young people will enjoy using the equipment.

Film night in Mayow Park 14th July 2011

As part of Sydenham Arts Festival (SAF) there will be a film night in Mayow Park on 14th July. The main film will be ‘The Italian Job’, the 1969 film with Michael Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill. SAF needs more volunteers for this and other major events. This message is to invite you to sign up to help as volunteers for that event.

SAF will hold a volunteers meeting at the Golden Lion Pub (opposite the Dolphin, at the other end of the high street) next Saturday 25th June, from 11am for about 1 hour. This will be a training session for those who wish to help steward the big events, and there will be a briefing on basic stewarding skills, use of walkie talkie, crowd control etc.  Find out more about SAF on
 Contact the organisers for more information on    

Sunday, 12 June 2011

having a picnic on 5th June

The afternoon of 5th June was sunny with showers and not exactly warm, but people still came to have their Big Lunch picnic and used the new picnic benches.

Big Lunch picnic

One of the new picnic benches in their new location

the picnic area

The picnic area before the arrival of the benches

Big Lunch benches

Chris & Jason rebuild one of their benches for Mayow Park

Picnic benches in Mayow Park

Thanks to the generosity of Mastercard, the Friends of Mayow Park have  new picnic benches  for the picnic area. They were  originally part of a 90 metre long bench, built by CJ Benches and constructed near City Hall for a Big Lunch launch event on 25th May.  Then they were taken apart to be rebuilt as 3 metre long benches to be donated to the London boroughs.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Big Lunch in the picnic area

35 people came to take part in the Mayow Park Big Lunch  and brought their picnics. There were 4 separate groups but people in each group spoke to others. The light drizzle did not spoil the afternoon and luckily the heavy rain started after we all left. The picnic benches kindly donated by Mastercard for this occasion, were very useful and enabled everyone to find a seat.
The picnic benches were originally part of a 90 metre long picnic bench, erected near City Hall for a 'Big Lunch' event on 25th May. This super-long bench was then cut into manageable lengths and distributed among the local boroughs, with 2 of Lewisham's parks being lucky recipients. Photos of the benches will follow in a few days time.

Planting in the Pavilion Triangle beds

Friday 3rd June 1.30pm: A team of volunteers continued the planting and watering of the Triangle beds. The artichokes are beginning to grow again after their transfer from Grow Mayow to their new home in the smaller bed of the Triangle. The fennel plants are growing in a block and should provide a hazy display as they grow. Calendula plants were added in the smaller bed and should produce beautiful orange flower heads quite soon. The parsley has grown to give a gorgeous green bundle of leaves. More pansies were planted to plug the gaps along the edge of the bigger bed. More lavendar and sage plants were added in the bigger bed. Several callaloo were planted into the smaller bed. A map indicating the different plantings is being prepared and will go into the noticeboard when it is ready.

Picnic benches

Friday 3rd June: Friends of Mayow Park took delivery of picnic benches, generously donated by Mastercard. These benches formed part of a 90 metre long picnic bench erected on 25th May near City Hall in support of the Big Lunch. The 90 metre bench was built by CJ Benches. It was later dismantled and distributed to the London boroughs in time to be set up in parks for the Big Lunch on 5th June. One picnic bench was installed at Grow Mayow and the rest in the picnic area adjacent to the children's playground on the western side of the park. Photos to follow!
Thursday 2nd June: Green Flag judges came to look at Mayow Park.
*Although the paths are in a bad way at the moment, work will start soon to resurface one section near the children's playground.
*Glendale teams have been working hard to complete the older children's playspace and some of the equipment in now available for use. There is even a small woodland walk going behind the yew tree into the wooded area.
*The grass in the cricket square is looking better after being watered thoroughly with a very long hose. Today, 4 days later,  the much needed rain has arrived, so the grass will get a good soaking and we should be able to see the difference with a few days.