Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nature's Gym - thank you

Nature's Gym volunteers, led by staff from Glendale and Lewisham, came to Mayow Park today (18th July 2013)on one of the hottest days of the year. They came to help tame the fruit bed in the Triangle that Mayow Park volunteers look after. And indeed they made an impact. They did these things: -stepping logs have been bedded in and it is easier to walk though the larger bed, -much of the couch grass has been pulled up, -log path edging has been put back where there were gaps, -two-thirds of the curved path has been recovered with a layer of wood chip mulch and that should make it easier for park volunteers to finish the task.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Aphids and ladybirds

Here we are in mid-July and the orchard is being well looked after by the team of waterers. On 30th June I posted about 'friendly' invertebrates that like to gobble up aphids. I included photos of ladybird larvae,hover fly and lacewing larvae.I am pleased to report that the Cox's Orange Pippin, which was suffering from aphid attack, is recovering thanks to predatory insects. London Orchard Project have just posted a tale of the evil aphids and the aphid hunters so I want to share it.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Remarkable Race in Mayow Park part 2

Crowds gathered in Mayow Park on 7th July 2013, many seeking shade from the sun. They cheered on the drivers in their remarkable machines, as they bravely competed to be the winner. Thank you to the Sydenham Arts Festival for creating such a fun event in Mayow Park!

Mayow Park hosts remarkable race

Imagine a unique scene: the 'Remarkable Race of 1913' took place on this day in Mayow Park, exactly 100 years ago, with the strangest vehicles you ever saw in your life. Here are some of the vehicles, looking splendid, a while before the race on 7th July 2013.

We have yellow lines ... well, soon ...

Kudos to FOMP Facebook group members George and Simon for their persistence in making the case to LB Lewisham for upgrading the middle-island crossing on Mayow Road, near Burghill Road to a full Zebra crossing.

This has long been a problem, especially with it being used as a parking up area for local mini-cab firm, which means sight lines are often obscured. With the redevelopment of the pavilion, before long many more people, especially children will be wanting to cross here, so we feel is very much should be a priority.

In response to these efforts, Lewisham Transport Policy & Development wrote July 4th:
Our traffic engineers have agreed to carry out an assessment of this location for an upgrade to a formal crossing. As part of a crossing assessment we need to carry out what is known as the PV2 test. This related to the ration of pedestrians seeking to cross at this location in relation to the number of vehicles passing. If the site does not meet the criteria a crossing cannot be installed. From the engineers site observations there a several points where pedestrians cross and if there was a controlled crossing then it is likely that this behaviour will continue. Once we have the results of the counts, if they meet the criteria, we can then pursue the design of a controlled crossing along with a road safety audit. If a viable scheme can be designed (sight lines etc will need to be considered) we will then seek funding for the work.

Cricket in Mayow Park

Last year cricket returned to Mayow Park, but this year it is getting into its swing, with two 'home' teams - Streatham and Marlborough Cricket Club and Caribbean Mix

entertaining cricket lovers, and providing the perfect accompaniment to an English afternoon in the park.

We get regular match reports from Streatham and Marlborough Cricket Club, with some interesting comments on the pitch, such as that it reminds one player of Sri Lanka..