Tuesday, 28 March 2017

New sign for the orchard 28 March 2017

"Where is the Mayow Park community orchard? I didn't know there was one in the park."
This is a frequent question and comment.
When people are shown the trees near the tennis courts that make the orchard,  they confirm that they have seen the trees but have never realised that they are an orchard.
There was a sign at the orchard back in 2012 but it was vandalised and had to be removed.
We now have a wonderful new laminated sign.
This new sign was prepared by the Friends of Mayow Park working with The Orchard Project, Greenscene and Glendale.
Steve, Glendale's 'maintenance man' as I like to call him, made a wooden board for the new sign back at the workshop.
Today, 28th March, Steve and his team put the sign up. Thank you guys!
In the longer term we hope to get a more permanent sign.
Look at the orchard when you visit the park over the coming days as some of the trees are coming into blossom. The two plum trees are already in flower. Some of the apples and pears will be next but one apple tree is very late flowering- called Crawley Beauty.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Upcoming events March-April 2017

We have a number of activities organised by Friends of Mayow Park.
Friday 31st March is our popular bat walk: meet at 7.30pm by the Mayow Park cafe entrance - opposite Burghill Road.
Thursday 6th April: Nature's Gym session with a focus on wildlife and conservation. Meet near the cafe.
Saturday 22nd April: The Big Dig. We will plant in the Triangle herb bed.
Tuesday 25th April: Friends of Mayow Park quarterly general meeting at Dacres Wood Field Centre 7pm

Let us know if you can join us for any of these events.