Friday, 24 May 2013

Pavilion works update 24th May - sewer damage

I received an email this afternoon from Martin Hyde (Lewisham Council) with an update about an unforeseen  significant problem with the foul sewer connection.  It is essential for this problem to be resolved so that waste water and sewerage systems can be installed.  Thames Water's contractor have surveyed the sewer in Mayow Road.  Martin's message says:

I have asked Glendale to make an application to Thames Water for them to survey the site and quote for a new foul sewer connection from the existing drain to the road. As soon as we have this information I can seek additional funding to enable this work . With regards to the building itself the damaged sewer has inevitably caused some delay. Works are continuing with the main roof, which will be repaired, and the roof over the new toilets which will be replaced. Unfortunately the dry rot was worse than we had hoped for. Once the plaster had been hacked off it was evident that door and window lintels in the left hand side of the building (as you look from the front) would need to be replaced and new windows and doors installed. These additional costs will have to covered. A new, upgraded, electrical supply will be installed at the end of next week, this will provide a separate metered supply to Grow Mayow; the pavilion and bowls buildings; and separate supply for the café space.