Sunday, 16 December 2012


Two bulb planting sessions in Mayow Park on 8th December and 16th December with regular park users joining in. On 8th December a mother and her two children helped to plant 140 fritillaria around the holly tree and sitting logs near the path on the southern side of the Triangle.
The  holly trees  (left & right of  picture in middle distance)
A brother and sister planted fritillaria
A dad and his sons planted irises
16th December was a dry and sunny winter's day with plenty of visitors in the park. Two volunteers planted more fritillaries and some snowdrops by the holly tree and sitting logs on the north-eastern side of the Triangle. A father with his two sons were passing by and they joined in to plant irises on the slope by the Bowls club, on the western side of the Triangle to the right of the manhole cover and behind the silver birch trees. We have more bulbs to plant as soon as possible.

Saturday, 1 December 2012


It has been a while since the last post and I am very aware that Friends of Mayow Park  need a communications officer with available time to keep the FOMP blog up to date and lively.
Going back to Friday 12th October , we had a very successful workday working alongside Glendale's grounds maintenance team. They went about their planned work in the park but also helped the Mayow Park volunteers.
Glendale staff help to mulch fruit trees
The orchard: One task that day was to mulch round the outside of the fencing of the orchard trees in order to keep down weeds. It is important not to mulch over the graft join of each tree as this may cause the tree to grow suckers which are likely to be different to the fruit tree variety we are growing, hence the reason for ensuring the mulch was outside the fencing. While  the mulching was going on, some volunteers were busily removing weeds in the tree pits.
volunteer digging and weeding
Meanwhile, at the Triangle, volunteers were busily dead-heading, removing dead plants, pulling up bindweed and tidying up the herb bed. A start was made on the larger bed, containing fruit bushes and various flowering plants, but there was not the time to do a thorough job there.
Glendale staff kindly helped with the weeding and clearing.

Glendale staff removing vegetation by rockery
The highlight of the day was Glendale's work clearing the huge amount of plant growth adjacent to our new drinking water fountain to reveal a rock wall, which is part of the retaining wall to the bowls site. I remember many years ago when my children were small, that they used to enjoy clambering onto that wall. It will make a good rockery area, so please get back to me with suggestions of what to grow or any donations of suitable plants.
The park volunteers put in around 2 hours of work and when we left Glendale continued their work, strimming, cutting the grass and general grounds maintenance.

 I must thank Glendale for agreeing this one-off joint session. I believe we ALL enjoyed the opportunity of working in partnership.