Sunday, 22 July 2012

young artists in Mayow Park

Today, 22nd July 2012, while five volunteers were busy removing couch grass and dandelions in the large bed at the Triangle in Mayow Park, two young artists were working elsewhere in the Triangle, watched over by their dad. Kezia, aged 6 and her sister Jemima aged 4 were collecting items found in nature to produce their art work. The finished picture is called 'Birds Nest'.

The work will be dispersed by the weather and other park users, just as Goldworthy's art only lasts as long as nature allows it. This could inspire more young artists to produce lovely artwork in the park. With thanks to the two girls for allowing FOMP to take a photo of their work.

Ryton Gardens - the home of national charity Garden Organic

On a visit yesterday to Ryton Gardens near Coventry, the wild flowers were so beautiful. These plants are  allowed to self-seed and attract all sorts of beneficial insects including hoverflies and bumble bees. Here are just a few photos from yesterday's visit.  Good we have a display like this in the Mayow Park Triangle?
For more info on Garden Organic and the great work they do, visit

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Some volunteers involved with the Community Orchard in Mayow Park attended an orchard training course run by the London Orchard Project  (LOP) at Dacres wood Reserve Field Centre on Saturday 14th July 2012. The course leader was Lewis from LOP and there were 16 attendees from five projects. We learned about soil ecology and  to look  for signs of pests and diseases in fruit trees. Part of the course led participants to our very own Mayow Park Community Orchard to look at how the trees are coping with the excessive rainfall - some managing better than others.
We do not expect to harvest any fruit this year but would welcome suggestions on how we can celebrate the orchard this autumn.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Come along to the next FOMP quarterly meeting on Tuesday 10th July from 7pm to 8.30pm.
Find out what volunteers have been doing to look after the Triangle and the Orchard.
Get information about cricket fixtures.
This is an opportunity to meet a representative from Glendale and from Lewisham Green Scene.
Meeting will be held at Dacres Wood Nature Reserve Field Centre, up a short driveway between Homefield House and Catling Close off Dacres Road, SE23.