Tuesday, 26 January 2016

FOMP AGM and General Meeting Saturday 30th Jan 2016

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: this will be on Saturday 30th January 2016. It will be held at the bowls green in the main cabin.
Start time 10.30 am, finish 11 am. The AGM will aim to approve the Minutes of the AGM 2015,  receive officer reports about the past year and elect officers for 2016
                                           AGM  A G E N D A
1.             Welcome and Apologies
2.             Approval of AGM Minutes dated 24th January 2015
3.             FOMP reports:
4.        Election of Officers     
5.      Any other business relating to the AGM 

This will be followed by our quarterly general meeting from 11 am to finish by 12.30 pm. refreshments of tea, coffee and biscuits will be available. Park users are welcome to attend top join in the discussions.

1.       Welcome and apologies
2.       Agree Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 13th October 2015
3.       Matters arising which are not included in the Agenda for today
4.       Guest speaker – cycling in Mayow Park
5.       Guest visit  from Glendale parks operative
6.       General discussion about   2016 to include
a)       Planned  events and dates
                           b)      Ideas for future events and dates suggestions
                                    c)       Sports  facilities, state of the park, hopes for 2016, general discussion
d)      Partnerships ,
Note paper will be available for your ideas and interests.

7.       AOB & Date of next meeting.   Meeting to end 12.30 pm