Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Mayow Winter Wonderland

 What a pleasure on Sunday just gone (24th January) to head into Mayow after a couple of hours of heavy snowflakes descending, to see the park all white and becoming a snowman art show!

I had headed there with my dog Scooter who was witnessing snow for the first time and rather loving it.

My children, now a tween and teen, were not dressed in time to come with me (at midday!!) but I felt like a kid myself and repaired with great pleasure a head back onto a rejected toppled snowman - Scooter then promptly ran off with the stick arm!

There were some real works of art as you can see in the photos and it was a pleasure to see family groups taking photos next to their achievements. We had all got so tired of the mud and my word it had been SO muddy in the park recently. The white stuff was so much better to see.

It did only last that morning and early afternoon as it then started to drizzle and mostly melted the snow. However it was a magical morning and brought much-needed smiles to everyone.

So good to clear the Covid news-filled head - even so, I’d only been out the house for two minutes when the thought popped into my head ‘The NHS really don’t need anyone slipping over right now.’ In a way, that was a real concern and since Sunday the ice in the park does need watching out for.

Lockdown and what we are hearing in the news cannot help but dampen all our spirits but our dear park, which really does change weekly (even if some weeks it’s just that a temporary pond has arrived!), and all the friendly familiar faces you see as you do the loops is just such a saviour.

But the snowman day was the one which saw real joy back in people’s faces - I wish we could bottle that joy and eek it out over the next weeks - until the snowdrops and daffodils come (with the hope too of entering a lower tier!). Stay safe all.

Pippa Moss FOMP