Tuesday 2 December 2014

more whips to plant Sunday 7th Dec 2014

There are still more whips to be planted, including oak, crab apple, hazel, blackthorn and hawthorn. We plan  to plant them on Sunday 7th December, among the bushes behind the orchard. The planting locations have been agreed with Lewisham Greenscene and Glendale.

Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: behind the orchard (opposite the tennis courts)
Families are welcome but children must be supervised at all times.
Please bring a spade or garden fork, a trowel and gardening gloves if you have them.

Our planting sessions in November  were enjoyable as the ground was soft and moist from rain and digging has been relatively easy. Planting whips does not require digging a deep hole but simply using a spade to made a deep enough cut into the soil to take the whips, then covering the roots and firming the soil. With luck this should be the last planting event for  2014 in Mayow Park  if  heavy rain stays away.