Sunday 19 May 2019

Community table top sale in the bowls green

By Pippa.
What an amazing day! 
Today we had nearly 40 stalls set up on the Bowls Green in Mayow Park and selling all sorts from toys, books and games through to clothes, jewellery, make-up, plants and cakes.
People had to lug their bits from their cars parked outside the park, but it's not too far and people helped each other.
FOMP stall starting to set up. (Image by Pippa)
The stalls looked great in neat rows, thanks to forward planning by Darren A.  We opened at 10 a.m and from that time through to1p.m we had a steady flow of people. Over 200 adults paid the 50p entrance - kids of course were free.
The FOMP stall was selling donations from people and telling visitors what FOMP is and does. I think it definitely raised awareness of who we are just by us hosting it.
The weather was perfect - not too hot for all the setting up but warm enough that lots of people were in the park anyway. In fact there was a school fun run and I made sure I ran over to ask parents 'Please come over after your run'.
More stalls setting up
Throughout the event people asked if we'll have another one -  definitely something for us to think about. It's not a huge money maker for FOMP due to liability insurance costs but it did raise some funds and will certainly consider holding another event.
We thank everyone who supported us to make this happen. We hope everyone had fun as they looked pretty happy, certainly the people who grabbed great bargains!

Thursday 16 May 2019

Come to our Table top sale 19th May

By Pippa

We are hoping for a great community event, a chance for people to make some money with a bit of fundraising too for the park!  37 stalls booked for Sunday - I cannot believe it! FOMP might even do better than break even - very exciting. Keep spreading the word and do come along! Thanks x

Invertebrates among the foliage

These stunning photos were taken by Ron Packham around the herb bed on 10th May 2019. The photos include dainty blue flowers of  forget-me-not.