Saturday, 10 October 2020

New tree map and leaflet (Oct 2020)

 We, the FOMP committee, have just finished producing a very smart 6 page leaflet with a map of the park on the other side. There was a previous map but it was produced some 20 years ago! We feel really proud of this new map/leaflet which will debut in the next issue of the Sydenham Society News as a pull-out centre spread.

We owe so much to Jody McLeish, who designed the whole thing for us. He knows the park from when he lived here but is now living in Kent. (He also designs the Sydenham Society News.)

Using the map people can find out the names of some of the fantastic trees in Mayow Park. For some tree types there's also further information. I loved learning about the Tulip Tree especially. The map includes images of some of the birds often seen in the park too. 
In the leaflet we've given info on the history, facilities and the FOMP group.

Of course people will have opinions on what it could have included but we do hope readers will learn something new from it and appreciate the work that's gone into producing it (and in Jody's case I'm sure a lot of patience as it took a fair few proofs for us to finally sign it off).

It's been wonderful to see the old out-dated map reproduced looking so smart (with the typos gone!) and the basic text we typed up transformed into smart panels with photos.

We can't wait to see how it now looks printed inside the SydSoc magazine. Only compliments allowed...hours of volunteers' time lovingly went into it! Anyway we are confident you'll want to grab a copy! 

Additional copies will be printed within a few months for distribution to the wider community.
Text: Pippa. Photo: Alona