Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Saturday 18th August 2012 workday FOMP and Nature's Gym

Mayow Park volunteers will be working along side Nature's Gym (Lewisham Nature Conservation volunteers) on a variety of gardening activities in the park from 11am to 2pm on Saturday 18th August 2012.
Activities will include:
- making a bug hotel
- emptying the compost bins
- working in the orchard: tending to the orchard trees and  fruiting hedgerow
- weeding and mulching in the Triangle
- children can make art pictures on the ground using  natural materials found in the park. Pictures will be posted in the blog and our Facebook page.
- volunteers can take  home cuttings or leaves of herbs
We hope to see you there.

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  1. 11 people came along on an incredibly hot day, to work in the Triangle. The compost bins were emptied and some of the compost was used to mulch plants. A lot of weeding took place - those weeds grew when we weren't looking! And the bug hotel was built. We still need to weed and water the orchard trees and tend to the fruiting hedgerow. Thank you to everyone who came to help.