Monday, 19 September 2016

Green Flag raised 19 September 2016

We learned back in July that Mayow Park was one of a number of Lewisham parks awarded another Green Flag. The judges  visited a few months earlier, inspected the park, spoke to park users as well as Glendale and Lewisham officers. They had to judge against the following criteria:

  • A welcoming place
  • Healthy, safe and secure
  • Clean and well maintained
  • Conservation and heritage
  • Sustainable management
  • Community involvement
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Management and future plans
Thinking about those criteria, the onus is not just on Glendale, the contractors,  to manage the park to a satisfactory level according to their contract with Lewisham Council's Greenscene department but also for them to engage with the community. It is also up to the park-using community to show how we care about the park and are willing to make efforts to make it the friendly place it is. The list of different groups that use the park is long so apologies for missing any group:
  • families with young children
  • people who visit the Cafe 
  • Grow Mayow visitors
  • young people who use the park to meet friends
  • adults using the park for relaxation and socialisation
  • tennis players
  • fitness enthusiasts
  • dog walkers
  • people who choose to walk through the park rather than along roads
  • children's football clubs
  • cricket players
  • wildlife enthusiasts (invertebrates, birds, bats, trees and plants come to mind)

Today, Monday 19th September 2016, was the day the new Green Flag was raised by Glendale officers and staff. Steve, (the maintenance man as he is affectionately known), prepared the new flag and hoisted it, assisted by Chris Thompson and Darren Budden with some of the Friends of Mayow Park  present.

Steve checks the pole is steady
Steve balances on his step ladder to lower the old flag
New flag unfurled 
                                                   Steve carefully attaches new flag    
Chris makes sure the correct flag is being raised
Job done and Steve packs away his step ladder
     Mayow Park  has many regular users who care about the park. Thank you everyone who puts in the effort to make it such a welcoming green space.              

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