Monday, 1 February 2021

New Lake in Mayow Park

 Since the snow melted Mayow Park has been getting a bigger and bigger lake in the dip in the meadow area, not far from the cafe. Dogs and kids have loved having a paddle in it. I’m not sure the poor tree in the middle (a black poplar) is having such a fun time though - hopefully it’ll be OK. Our new lake is a really lovely brown colour surrounded by mud but in a lockdown anything can appear exciting and having such a large amount of water and a paddle board in the shed...well we did start joking about it. 

Our relatives in Australia on the morning Zoom call (who have warm weather and turquoise sea at their disposal) were very keen for us to do it. So on my morning dog walk I saw my husband stroll into the park with the big backpack on and couldn’t quite believe he was actually going to do it.

Anyway it’s a great board that you unroll and pump up and it comes on all our seaside trips.

People started wondering what he was up to as he got inflating. Anyway off he went to have a paddle round Mayow lake (with no fin clipped on in case it was too shallow). The dog was very excited and soon was on the board too!

So exactly one week after the snowy snowman Sunday we had paddle-board (or puddle-board?) Sunday.

I think it made people smile and we got the video to send to the Australians! Honestly though... a muddy puddle-lake compared to Manly Beach... Oh well, it really is the small pleasures these days. I’m actually pretty good at paddle-boarding but for some reason didn’t feel like showing off my skills. I’ll let the husband take the glory this time (and Scooter).

Pippa Moss

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