Monday, 16 February 2015

Glendale looks after our park

By Alona
In late autumn, a team from Glendale came to spruce up the park. Every horizontal surface was covered in fallen leaves and, with winter approaching, these needed to be cleared. They came with blowers and other suitable tools. Unfortunately, it seems no-one took photos of  this tidy up but plenty of people commented positively about the work. The leaves were removed and taken elsewhere to rot down and to be turned into soil improver.
Men and mulch
 Today (16th February 2015) I went in to the park around 9am, camera in hand, determined to take photos of  things in the park. Plenty of birds were singing and I could hear woodpeckers hammering away but what caught my eye was three people in high-viz jackets near the Silverdale gate, alongside a pile of woodcip mulch.

This mulch came from shredded Christmas trees recycled in early January and was being used to mulch the rose beds.

onto the rose bed

path edging

   In addition, the plant bed edges and the path edges were being    tidied up.
 Mayow Park may not be perfect and some of the paths leave  much to be desired, but we are  fortunate that Glendale sends us grounds maintenance people who clearly know what they are doing.

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