Monday, 23 February 2015

Austerity measures will affect our park

By Alona
I've just posted this comment below on our Facebook group. I'll post more updates on this blog in the next few days.

Austerity measures imposed by central Government will impact on Lewisham's parks. Cuts in funds to local authorities will means cuts in funds to our parks. One example is that designated grass areas will be allowed to grow as meadow and have less frequent mowing. In Mayow Park we already have one meadow area. Another painful hit will be job losses, particularly park keepers. There are currently 12 park keepers but from April there will be only 6 if current plans are implemented. Our park keeper in Mayow Park is at risk of losing her job!

If there are six park keepers shared between twelve parks, the quality of the service they provide will be watered down. Glendale (manages the parks on behalf of Lewisham) has mobile teams and they will be visiting these parks regularly each day.
We should note that there are over thirty other parks in Lewisham without a park keeper and Glendale workers look after those too. But having a static park keeper  in Mayow Park on five days each week has been important to our very busy park. I wonder whether our role as park users and volunteers may change when six park keepers spend fewer hours in each of the 12 parks?
This is a difficult time for Lewisham Greenscene, for Glendale and for our park users.

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