Tuesday, 16 August 2016

London National Park City event at Festival Hall in September

Those of us involved with parks and green spaces in London will surely have heard of the campaign to make London a national park city. This is not trying to replicate the rural National Parks model. Instead it wants us to focus and appreciate that around 50% of London is green spaces and blue spaces; parks, nature reserves, woodlands and community gardens, domestic gardens and green spaces around housing estates, rivers, ponds and lakes, canals.
To quote from the blurb on their website: http://www.nationalparkcity.london/ Let's make London the world’s first National Park City. A city where people and nature are better connected. A city that is rich with wildlife and every child benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors. A city where we all enjoy high-quality green spaces, the air is clean to breathe, it’s a pleasure to swim in its rivers and green homes are affordable. Together we can make London a greener, healthier and fairer place to live. Together we can make London a National Park City. 
If this has whet your appetite to find out more, then on 21st September there will be a big event ' The Making of a National Park City'. at the Royal Festival Hall at London's South Bank. Tickets range in price from £10 to £30 depending on where you would like to sit plus a booking fee of £1.75
I have bought my ticket and am looking forward to an interesting and enjoyable evening.
It promises to be a great evening. Hosted by comedian Josie Long, there will be guest speakers including designer Wayne Hemingway.  The Bollywood Brass band, artists and poets will provide a range of entertainment. Here is a list of some of the line-up with more to be announced:
Josie Long, comedian
Wayne Hemingway, designer
Dame Fiona Reynolds, campaigner
Andrew Simms, economist
Bollywood Brass Band, musicians
Judy Ling Wong, community activist
Beth Coller, psychotherapist
Simon Jakeman, firefighter
Laila Sumpton, poet
Rifat Batool, headteacher
Dr Tom Coffey, GP
Jasmine Kamal-Pasha, photographer
Mathew Frith, conservationist
Rachel Bradley, sustainability manager
Paul Hamblin, national parks director
Daniel Raven-Ellison, explorer
Charlton Manor Primary, bee keepers
Andy Mitchell, CEO
Charlotte Webster, artist
Chris Romer-Lee, director, Studio Octopi

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