Saturday, 21 September 2019


We had a truly enjoyable bat walk this evening (20th September).  It was a mild evening with a clear sky. Sunset was around 7.15 pm. Moths and other flying insects were active - a good sign as they are food for bats.
Thanks go to Dr Iain Boulton for once again leading a bat walk in our park. While he was explaining about bats and their behaviour to the gathered crowd, one pipistrelle flew over our heads, right on cue. It flew in a loop and back behind the cafe building, seemingly not bothered by the throng of people.
We walked over to the orchard and our bat detectors started cracking as they picked up the sound of bats. We watched as bats few above us. The joy of the park at twilight was only slightly marred by sounds of the planes flying high overhead.
Thank you to to all the wonderful people who came to spend time in the park after dark, when the park is normally off-limits and locked up. Thanks also to Glendale, who manage the park, for agreeing to extend the opening time.
We had a total of 87 people with 52 adults and 35 children, according to the numbers on the sign-in sheets. One couple even spoke in praise of the children who were there. The children were excited and were running around  but interested and well behaved.  We had great feedback. Friends of Mayow Park are planning more bat walks for 2020
Photos thanks to Freda Darr.

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